Home Buyers

Congratulations on the decision to pursue a home purchase on the Peninsula. You are joining a process that has worked to build a fabulous investment for so many over the last century. The Peninsula real estate market has proven time and time again to be one of the wisest investments you could ever make.

The home buying process has changed considerably, even from just ten years ago. As a buyer, it makes sense that you want to see as many properties as possible within your budget and guidelines.

Home BuyesThe first concept you need to understand is that the number of available homes exceeds (sometimes drastically) what is detailed on the MLS. It is a much broader discussion in terms of why this new phenomenon is settling in, but given everything going on the with the Peninsula, many homeowners now choose to not list their property publicly. Instead, their realtor holds their home as a pocket listing. The MLS still holds a majority of available properties, but with each passing year it is holding less and less.

The second major concept worth discussing centers on hyperlocal real estate. It is critical to tie yourself to an agent that not only knows the major players in their local market, but an agent that is actively engaged in regular dealings with those agents in that local market. There are a variety of reasons for this. Often times tying yourself to this group will allow you to see more properties prior to them coming on the market, being made aware of what other properties are currently pending at and understanding what your competition may truly be on particular properties. You will not get this intel using a non-local agent, an app, a discount broker or an agent who is simply not producing in the top echelon of producers in that hyperlocal group.

When making a purchase of the magnitude of a single-family home on the Peninsula, it makes sense that you would want every conceivable piece of intel available. This is why it is critical to be very discerning in choosing your representation.

Bob has helped over 200 families purchase a home on the peninsula. This put him in the top one half of one percent in San Mateo County.

Additionally, if San Carlos happens to be on your radar for a possible purchase, no one has represented more buyers in successful transactions in San Carlos from 2010-2018 than him.

Undertaking a purchase such as this requires a very thorough strategy. Bob is happy to share his thoughts on your goals and work with you to develop a common sense strategy. He will look forward to hearing from you.